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Fully Built A650E Transmission

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This is the same transmission we are using in all of our high power Power Dynamix vehicles pushing over 800hp. The highest dyno number held so far is 1080whp/880ft-lb. However that was a record setting attempt and we don't usually recommend running this transmission to that level. This is the highest built configuration for a A650E transmission that we offer. We only offer one option(fully built) on this transmission. Please contact us for more details

This price does not include freight and transport costs. Will be calculated at time of shipping. Approximately $250-350 depending on your location.

***Due to parts shortages currently. It may extend transmission build times if we have to wait for parts. We try to get these units out within 1 month or ordering. It takes time to get parts treated and machined. However parts shortages can cause delays of additional 30-60 days. Please inquire before ordering if you are in a rush.****

We do the following to the transmission to hold up at the elevated power levels:

  • Complete teardown and disassembly of all parts, gears, and components.
  • Clean all components in parts washer to remove all dirt, oils, and grease.
  • Machine clutch pack housings to accept more clutches. Overdrive is increased from 3 to 5 clutch count, 3rd gear increased 4 to 6, 4th gear increased from 4 to 5, forward clutch increased from 4 to 6. We are the only ones in the industry to offer this upgrade!
  • Critical parts such as the sprag, sun gear, planetary gears, input shaft, and output shaft are sent out for cryo treatment for increased strength and better wear resistance.
  • Transmission is fully reassembled with new clutches. We add the extra clutches for extra torque holding capacity.
  • Intermediate 3rd gear sprag is upgraded to our custom made upgraded 20mm sprag unit.
  • Valve body is modified to significantly speed up shifts. This will reduce the transmission slipping especially when boosted with higher horsepower.
  • Clutch packs are tested before reassembly to ensure all clutch packs are engaging properly.
  • Transmission is fully assembled and all solenoids are checked for operation.
  • New transmission filter is installed and oil pan is sealed with a viton gasket for easy service and fluid changes in the future.
  • Transmission is strapped down to a pallet and prepared for outbound shipping.

If you wish to DIY, we will sell you all the necessary parts to do the build yourself. The DIY parts are: Valve body modification, sprag upgrade, and full replacement clutch kit. It does not include the custom machined clutch pack housings and cryo treatement.

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