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It all started about 15 years ago. Our group of friends were building engines in our spare time. We were taking our engines to local machine shops to do the machining for us, and we would final assemble the engines afterwards. At that time and even today there are not many engine machine shops in Texas that can properly machine race engines to tight enough of a tolerance. Walking in the door of the machine shops were stacks and rows of old school cast iron V8s with modern or import engine barely in sight. The outcome was that we were having premature engine failures. They were not able to hit the tight tolerance we needed to target. After about 10 years of frustratingly trying and failing to find a reliable place to send our engines, we finally decided to throw in the towel and start our own engine machining facility. Today we offer a full array of computerized CNC machining to remove human error from the equation, and to achieve incredibly tight tolerances. We can reliably achieve .0001" on a daily basis.


What's that old saying?

If you want something done right, do it yourself!



The flagship of our shop. This 5-AXIS CNC cylinder head porting machine will make all of your dreams come true very quickly!

Rottler H85AX

Another flagship of our shop. This fully automated CNC cylinder hone is the same ones used in many of the leading NASCAR engine shops!

Rottler SG9MTS

This bad boy will make short work of all the racing performance valve jobs while retaining pinpoint accuracy!

Rottler S85A

This CNC controlled resurfacing machine will produce mirror like surface finishes with RA in the single digits. It's so accurate that it will accurately remove .001" per pass.

CWT Multi-BAL 5000

Computer controlled crankshaft balance ensures your crankshaft lives a long and healthy life vibration free!

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