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Experienced Engine Specialists

 We are a state of the art automotive engine machine shop located in McKinney, TX in the Dallas metroplex specializing in the Toyota 2JZ engine as well as many other modern engine platforms. We offer in house 5-Axis CNC head porting services as well.


All of our machining equipment is new and CNC computer controlled for the ultimate in speed, precision, and accuracy. No machines in here from the 1970's. We offer top tier engines unmatched by others in the industry. Our specialty is in modern high tech complex 4 valve import Japanese engines. We can easily handle any other modern American or European engine type as well. A majority of the custom built engines leaving our shop make in excess of over 1000hp+ on a normal basis. Many racers have set records and continue to do so with our race winning engines.


Let us help you or your team with a race winning engine program!


We Have You Covered

  The staff at our machine shop have over 30 years of collective experience between them. There's nothing we haven't seen or dealt with in modern engines. We can help you find solutions to any problems or tackle any project you have.

Our Quality Promise

We're committed to providing a stress-free experience to both new and returning customers. Our shop is a master parts dealer for most of the top tier manufacturers to ensure that your engine only gets the best parts. We are not the cheapest solution out there, but you do get what you pay for. Our QC process is a very strict and stringent process to ensure maximum performance and longevity of every engine we send out.

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Tel: 1-866-PWR-DYNX or (469)274-0168

Power Dynamix LLC

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